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With Love

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This gorgeous gift box is made to be sent 'to that friend, sweetheart, partner, mum, daughter who we want to show our love to!


Bahen chocolate ‘Raspberry & Rose’. Field ripened raspberries finished with Persian rose petals.

Fluffe ChampagneThis sparkling floss has a deliciously tangy character that can be savoured anytime, anywhere.

Summer Salt Body ‘Love Oil’. Rose Quartz infused oil to promote Love, Compassion, Kindness & Tenderness. This essential oil blend of Rose & Vanilla will encourage self-love as well as the love you have for others.

Summer Salt Body ‘Watermelon Salt Scrub’. Polish and detoxify your skin with this refreshing Summer scrub of sweet juicy watermelon. 

Balm Balm Lip Balm. Smells like a day spa.  Melts on your lips. Silky smooth texture. Leaves your lips with a subtle tingle as it increases blood circulation, making your lips plump and vibrant.

Isarose Candles ‘Lychee & Peony’. Hand-poured in Sydney using natural coconut soy wax, a cotton wick, artisan fragrance oils, and a lot of love, this beautifully scented candle brings bliss into your home so that you can treat yourself and your loved ones.

Daily Bar Berry Antioxidant Bar. Subtle with berry and vanilla notes, on the backdrop of generous chunks of local macadamias and a whole stack of antioxidant rich berries and superfoods powders. The introvert in the mix. If you know, you know. Quiet, but powerful.