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Summer Glow

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Our Summer Glow kit has everything under the sun to help you feel rejuvenated and glowing this Summer without leaving your home!

Rose Quartz Facial Roller. Used in beauty rituals for thousands of years, Crystal Face Rollers:
- Increases blood flow to the skin and assists in detoxification.
- Reduces puffiness and inflammation.
- Brings a natural glow to your complexion.
- Tightens the skin and improves elasticity.
- Promotes lymphatic drainage.

Coulée Rose Water Mist. Spray 100% Pure Rose Water on the face, hair, skin and even acne.
- natural hydrator & toner, providing moisture where skin needs it most
- great cleanser and helps remove oil and dirt piled up in clogged pores
- has anti-aging properties
- reduces skin redness
- helps soothe skin irritation
- No nasties

Sea Sun The Eye Mask. This ultra calming eye mask contains glow-up ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Cherry Extract and Rose Flower Oil leaving the skin firm and smooth. 5 Pairs included.

Bondi Shell. Handmade in Australia, these stylish shell shaped trays are a beautiful way to keep your jewellery, trinkets, anything that you can think of really! They are lightweight, durable and cool to the touch. 


The Daily Bar- Berry Antioxidant. Subtle with berry and vanilla notes, on the backdrop of generous chunks of local macadamias and a whole stack of antioxidant rich berries and superfoods powders. The introvert in the mix. If you know, you know. Quiet, but powerful.